The Keto Diet in Raleigh: Dental Health Implications

Embarking on the ketogenic, or keto, diet voyage unveils a realm where low carbohydrate treasures replace the traditional carb-laden treasures. While the echoes of weight loss and enhanced energy resonate through the keto corridors, there’s another realm worth exploring – the kingdom of oral health. As you sail through the keto seas, understanding the impact…

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Mindful Munching in Raleigh: A Dental Perspective

In a world driven by hustle and bustle, the essence of mindful living often gets shadowed by hurried routines. However, amongst the myriad dimensions of mindfulness, lies a gentle, yet profound practice known as mindful eating. By embracing this practice, not only do we foster a harmonious relationship with food but also unveil a path…

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Raleigh Oral Microbiome: Linking Gut and Dental Health

The human body is an incredible network of interconnected systems where each component plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. What stands out to Raleigh Dentist, Dr. Lee Allen, is the intriguing link between oral health and gut wellness stands as a testament to the body’s holistic nature. This journey explores the…

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What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

Raleigh Dentures: What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

If you’re considering getting traditional dentures in Raleigh at Creedmoor Road General Dentistry, you may have a few questions about recovery. Dr. Allen has been helping patients restore their smiles with dentures for many years and understands that some patients might be hesitant about this solution. Let’s review the denture recovery process so you won’t…

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The Convenience of Clear Aligners Girl Putting in Invisalign

North Raleigh Invisalign: The Convenience of Clear Aligners

Over the last decade, Invisalign braces have grown in popularity. Are they worth all of the excitement, though? What is it about Invisalign braces that make them so popular, and how do those successes compare to traditional orthodontic treatment options that have been (and continue to be) used? While the list could go on, here…

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