What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

Raleigh Dentures: What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

If you’re considering getting traditional dentures in Raleigh at Creedmoor Road General Dentistry, you may have a few questions about recovery. Dr. Allen has been helping patients restore their smiles with dentures for many years and understands that some patients might be hesitant about this solution. Let’s review the denture recovery process so you won’t…

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The Convenience of Clear Aligners Girl Putting in Invisalign

North Raleigh Invisalign: The Convenience of Clear Aligners

Over the last decade, Invisalign braces have grown in popularity. Are they worth all of the excitement, though? What is it about Invisalign braces that make them so popular, and how do those successes compare to traditional orthodontic treatment options that have been (and continue to be) used? While the list could go on, here…

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Girl With Bad Breath How Can Dentist Help

How Can My North Raleigh Dentist Help with My Bad Breath?

Are you looking for a North Raleigh dentist that can help with your halitosis (bad breath)? Having bad breath can be humiliating. Everyone gets bad breath from time to time, but chronic halitosis can affect everything from your private life to your professional one. For those struggling with halitosis in North Raleigh, NC, reach out…

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Children's Dental Hygiene Month Sealants Make Sense

North Raleigh Kid’s Dentistry: Why Dental Sealants Make Sense

Children’s smiles are the adult smiles of the future, and it’s an important time to stress the importance of good dental hygiene and preventative care. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and the 2022 theme is around children’s dental sealants. Our dental team is jumping on board with the theme and spreading awareness about…

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