What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

Raleigh Dentures: What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

If you’re considering getting traditional dentures in Raleigh at Creedmoor Road General Dentistry, you may have a few questions about recovery. Dr. Allen has been helping patients restore their smiles with dentures for many years and understands that some patients might be hesitant about this solution. Let’s review the denture recovery process so you won’t…

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Raleigh Denture Care Tips

Many questions arise when a patient is thinking of getting dentures. How will they feel? Can I eat with them? Will they look real? Do they hurt? But the question that is often forgotten until a patient wears them home is… “Wait, how do I take care of them?” Raleigh dentist of Creedmoor Road General Dentistry, Dr. Lee…

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