Laser Dentistry for Treating a Gummy Smile in Raleigh

There are several reasons for having what we call a “gummy smile”, meaning that the top gums are visible when smiling. This often makes the teeth appear smaller and/or shorter than they are, disrupting the natural symmetry of a patient’s smile and often causing embarrassment about the appearance of your smile.

Raleigh NC dentist Dr. Allen offers treatment for a gummy smile with laser dentistry. Treatment can change the shape of the teeth and enhance your appearance, giving you back a smile you are confident sharing with others.

Treating a Gummy Smile

Dr. Allen provides laser dentistry to gently reshape the gum line, reducing the amount of top gum that is visible when smiling. Results can be seen right away and last a lifetime! The procedure, known as a gum lift, is easy and requires no down time afterwards- patients can return to their normal routine the next day with a brand new smile.

Dental lasers can skillfully change the gum line without damaging any tooth structure- and with little bleeding and discomfort for the patient. This type of precision results in a beautifully symmetrical smile that looks as if nothing has been done at all.

If you have been trying to hide your smile because it appears to be more gums than teeth, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Allen in his Raleigh dentist office. He will take the time to perform a thorough examination and discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals before determining if a gum lift is appropriate for you.